Jan.2021 30
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A Coffee Grinder: Customization and Sophistication
A conical grinder contains two cone-shaped "burrs" or grinding mechanisms. The ridges found on these burrs is what actually grinds or crushes coffee beans into the desired consistency. One burr remains in place while the other turns in order to facilitate
Ultra company will launch the new conical coffee grinder series in the coming Mar, 2021. The stylish coffee grinder is beautiful enough to be a showpiece in the kitchen, while also performing as exceptional grinder.

The conical coffee grinder allows consumers to grind a fresh ground in the morning in a quiet moment and brew a fresh coffee at your own taste. With the conical coffee grinder, we are aiming our consumers to become their own baristas and making coffee at home more than ever before.

In order to improve the usage experience, Our company has developed the connection with field test center oversea, sending our products to them, let them use and give us feedback .We are aiming to elevate consumers at-home coffee experience with the style and performance that they have come to expect from the our products.

Not only can consumers select the grinding coarseness, they can also customize their coffee strength with two to 10 cup settings. One burr of conical grinder remains in position, and the other facilitates the grinding process. It is deemed slower, Meaning less ear irritability since the noise it produces is only minimal. Having a low power motor also encourages perfect grinds. The friction creates to a small extent, too. It is important if you want to preserve the coffee flavor freshness for weeks or so.

Welcome to inquiry this concial coffee grinder series!