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Make your own burgers, Better flavor and Safer!

By Chloe February 1st, 2021 45 views
Make your own burgers, Better flavor and Safer!
The benefit to maker your burgers at home is to get a more safe burgers and a better flavor because you know what youre putting inside, and it gives you more options when it comes to seasoning. You can also better control how much fat content in your food. I think the best meat for burgers come from the Beef Chuck, followed by the Beef Round.

Cut the meat into one, or two inch, chunks for easier grinding. You will not need to remove any of the excess fat, unless it looks like too much.
Make sure the meat is COLD while grinding. Partial freezing won't hurt. I would try running the meat thru the medium plate first, you might be surprised. Grind twice for the best results. If need be, use the coarse plate first and then switch to the medium or fine to finish.

Ground Chuck

1. if you have the time and the room, place the head of the grinder/ attachment in the fridge for at least 30 minutes prior to grinding meat.

2. place the trimmed meat chunks in a bowl or on a cookie sheet in the freezer for approx 20-30 minutes before grinding.

Both of the above ease the procedure of grinding the meat.

3. After the first grind, the meat is going to look fatty. This is normal. Gently toss by hand a few times to mix and run through the grinder the second time, it will look better.

4. Put the ground meat back into the fridge while you clean the grinder. Keeping it cold makes it easier to work with. 

I use the 'medium' plate for grinding hamburger and will grind the meat only twice, as this is sufficient. If I were making 'chili meat', I would only use the 'large' plate and grind just one time.

For sausage, I prefer the 'large' plate for the first grind and then will switch to the 'medium' plate for the second grind.
I like to cut the meat into strips first, about 1x1x6 inches and place it in the freezer until it's almost frozen. Keep the meat in the hopper so you don't waste time getting it to the feeder tube. This applies to the sausage meat, as well.

After the first grind, put a good amount of meat in the hopper for the second grind. When you run low, shut the grinder off and refill the hopper. DO NOT RUN THE GRINDER EMPTY!! This will burn what meat is in the head, plus metal against metal will result in a burning smell and add to early deterioration of the parts.

This is what the Chuck Roast looks like after the first grind. Make sure to grab a pinch of the first grind and mix it back thru before you begin the second grind.

and after the second

After the last grind and you take the grinder apart, you will notice a few ounces of ground meat still in the head, near the plate and the knife. This meat is perfectly fine to use, just make sure there are no pieces of bone or gristle stuck in there.
Wash the grinder in hot, soapy water and then rinse in hot water to rinse. Do not let the grinding plate, knife or the ends of the screw air dry, or else they will rust. Hand dry all parts as quick as you can. Take a food grade Mineral Oil, found in the medical supply section of your drug or grocery store, and rub it lightly on all parts of the grinder that will be stored away, including the threads on the inside of the ring. This inhibits rust from forming and also to keep the parts lubed for best use.

One last tip if you are planning on making patty, remember to freeze them. 

I like to put the fresh made patty's on a baking sheet with wax paper and then into the freezer for a few hours, or overnight. Then, when you put them into your food saver bags, they will not get squashed or leak liquids when vacuuming thumb up.

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